Meet Shara 

Director of Quantum Business and Accounting


My Experience

  • Qualified Chartered Accountant

  • 17 Years’ Experience in Public Practice

  • Previously a Partner of a Second Tier Brisbane Accounting Firm

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in Structuring for Tax and Asset Protection

  • Merit Award in all 5 modules of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Program – placing within the top 5% of Australia for each module.

  • Experience across a broad range of industries including property development, construction and trades, medical, retail, legal, real estate, advertising and manufacturing etc.

  • Hands-on, practical knowledge of small business 



Who am I? The Human Factor


Client Relationships and Being a Perfectionist 

Having a relationship with my clients is essential to my sense of fulfillment.  I worked for 10 years in a prominent and very successful  Brisbane firm that I loved and respect highly, including working with some large corporate clients.  This gave me an exceptional technical background and on a personal level solving complex "puzzles" but over the years it became increasingly important to my happiness that I have the freedom to spend time getting to know my clients.  Hence the move to setup a boutique accounting firm, provide a personalised experience and getting to know my clients, what they value, what they enjoy doing on a weekend and what works for them in business. 

As an accountant, I get a kick out of achieving the best possible results.   No one knows how much effort it takes to run a successful business, more than a fellow business owner.  We each have unique talents and abilities but can't be experts in all fields or do everything. As a business owner you need to be able to trust in those around you to give you the best possible advice and achieve the most from your business.   I love getting to the end of the day knowing I have made a difference, provided proactive advice and achieved the best possible result, sometimes making a considerable impact on the bottom line.

My Team 

I am incredibly blessed to work with a team that support eachother personally and at work, and go the extra mile for our clients.  We are all like-minded, down to earth and I can honestly say that every day I come to work I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to. 

Who Am I?

I am a big believer in living life each day and having work life balance.  I will do anything for my friends and family, they are my everything.  I love dogs, have foster cared for many litters of puppies, and am obsessed with dachshunds (aka sausage dogs). I love camping, music and cooking.  I am happiest 18+m underwater (Scuba diving) and am a qualified SSI Master Diver.   I am very passionate about scrumptious plant based wholefoods, mostly driven by values surrounding health and sustainable living.  However first and foremost I believe in respect for all people and choices (and don't get me wrong, I do miss tender slow cooked beef!).  I love Body Step gym classes cause I get to get funky to a bit of music whilst working out. Last but not least, I have a Cert IV in kinesiology (natural health). 


Shara Scuba Diver.JPG